.Our Instruction revolves around real world situations and is geared to your speed and comfort level. We have short class room periods to explain the use of deadly force, mindset and how to react. In addition, our live on the range instruction time is group and one on one. We always have a range safety officer present and at least one instructor. Our main focus is firearms safety. When you first attend a class you are given a complete safety class, from there, just a briefing before you go on the range. We assign everyone to a group such as Alpha, Bravo, Charlie etc.. Each time you attend a class you shoot with your group. The reason for this is; we keep track of the instruction and level of each group. By doing this you do not miss out on important concepts of training exercises. Each time you attend a class you will learn something new and review what you have learned.

Bring your own firearm and ammunition. A $10.00 fee is required for each class. Most Classes run 3-4 hours

             During this class, 
we will be practicing 
techniques using hands-on 
training. For this portion of 
the class, we encourage 
you to bring your own 
firearm if you have one 
already. If not, we will 
provide one for you. 
Please do not bring any 
ammunition with you to 
class. We will be doing dry-
fire practice only.

Despite having had lots of professional experience with pistols and rifles during my life, I realized several years into my retirement that I had not had any weapons retraining. So I went for some combat pistol training at my friend Jerry Gowans’ LiveFireOne in Pleasant Grove.
To my surprise, I had trouble drawing my concealed-carry pistol and effectively engaging targets – I couldn’t hit what I was shooting at. Problem: I was out of practice, and I realized once more why it is that the military and law enforcement do constant training and retraining. I also realized how dangerous it is to carry a concealed weapon if you don’t know how to use that weapon. Indeed, you might mistakenly shoot innocent bystanders or family members in some emergency situations.
So I was very satisfied to find that several training sessions with Jerry and his expert associates, and I was once again able to engage and hit my targets – without hitting hostages or other innocent bystanders. This gave me renewed self-confidence, and a commitment to regular retraining. If I had my druthers, all persons carrying concealed weapons would be required to undergo periodic retraining.
Bob Smith, Provo​

After taking your Concealed carry class compliment your training with defensive handgun training


Grand opening


We recently attended the tactical training presented by Livefireone and I must say that I was truly impressed by everything the course had to offer. The crew from Livefireone is extremely Knowledgeable, Professional, and very thorough in their coaching. They took the time to provide individual instruction, offering tips and tricks to be more effective in gun handling, shot accuracy, and awareness of your surroundings. Safety was always a focus in everything we did, from the classroom to the shooting line. I can’t wait to attend the next session and experience another of those awesome tactical shooting scenarios. Keep up the good work guys!!
Saratoga Springs

Our Promise to You

why choose us


Alpha and Bravo




At Livefireone, we believe 
our course is one of the 
finest in Utah. We take 
great pride in presenting 
you with information and 
training that may aid and 
assist you in not only 
obtaining your permit, but 
giving you the knowledge, 
skill and experience 
necessary to make the 
right decisions when faced 
with self-defense and, if 
necessary, deadly force.

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